Vesting Party aims to provide a secure, intuitive, and well supported experience for users. In order to make that possible, the platform receives a percent of all tokens distributed on the platform.

How are fees calculated

1% of tokens distributed through vesting party are automatically allocated to the Vesting Party community as a service fee. Therefore, in order to activate a Party Invitation you will need to deposit 1.01 times the amount of tokens you have included in your distribution.

Since Vesting Party will often be used to distribute tokens with limited initial liquidity, we don't know how valuable these tokens will end up being and taking a fixed percent of vested tokens aligns our interests with the success of our users.

How are these fees used

These tokens are subject to the same vesting configuration as other tokens in the distribution. This Vesting Party allocation is managed by a contract that anyone can help operate by calling public functions. the contract allows the community to convert exactly half of all unlocked tokens managed by the contract into VPT tokens, and then use the remaining half of the unlocked tokens to provide liquidity on Honeyswap (xDai), or Uniswap (Ethereum).

This mechanism is intended to provide both short and long term alignment. While the tokens are locked, the vesting party community is incentivized to make the projects using the platform successful in order to maximize the amount of value that ends up flowing into the VPT token when they are converted into liquidity. Half of the tokens are never sold, ensuring a long-lasting positive sum relationship between the Vesting Party community and its users.


Fixed fee alternative

We may consider offering a fixed fee alternative that could be paid in VPT tokens for Hosts that intend to distribute a lot of value through the system. This option has not been implemented yet but if you are uncomfortable with a percentage of the tokens distributed being taken as a fee and would prefer a flat fixed fee instead, please reach out on discord.

The fees on this page are in addition to any underlying network transaction fees users may need to pay to miners or validators in order to deploy and interact with smart contracts.