Vesting Party Token ($VPT)

The Vesting Party Token ($VPT) is an ERC20 Token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The token has been integrated into the Vesting Party Platform to align the interest of the open source community which maintains the platform with that of its users.

It has a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens. After creation the entire supply was then bridged from Ethereum to xDai using xDai's omni bridge and initially held by the Vesting Party Community Multisig.

This multisig will be used to distribute the tokens by hosting a series of Vesting Parties. After the initial Launch Party, VPT token holders will be able to vote on how the remainder of VPT tokens are distributed.

Platform integration

The Vesting Party platform collects a percentage of all tokens that are distributed. As these tokens become vested, half are converted to VPT and then together the Tokens and VPT are locked in an Automated Market Maker liquidity pool.

As a result, as tokens are distributed and vested to the platform, VPT will be bought and locked up in liquidity pools. Over time, combined with a fixed supply, this will create positive price appreciation of the VPT token as the number of users who distribute tokens through the platform increases and as those tokens themselves appreciate in value over time.