Welcome to Vesting Party, we are happy you have arrived! Grab a drink, and let's get to know each other a bit better. 🍻
Vesting Party is a platform for hosting token distribution events, we call these events parties. Hosts can use our tooling to distribute ERC20 tokens to eligible users in an effort to promote awareness and align their user community around a common goal.
If you've been invited to a party and want to understand how to claim tokens, you can find information and tutorials in the "attending a party" section.
If you're interested in distributing tokens to your users, and want to understand what options are available and how to set things up you can find everything you need in the "hosting a party" section.
If you want to join and participate in the Vesting Party community, help us build, maintain, and improve the Vesting Party platform, and learn more about the Vesting Party Token (VPT) you can find more info in the community section.
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